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This weekend was the true test for The Salt Room! I spent all weekend outside working in my yard under 3 birch trees, of which I am highly allergic. I did a session Saturday morning and I feel great. Without the salt room I would be miserable and heavily medicated today. If you have allergies that affect your daily routine, you need to do some sessions at The Salt Room!
Cindy Trachta - May 18 - The Salt Room

Kathy Wipperfurth has had a terrible head cold all week. Her normal cold meds weren’t helping at all. Today she went in for a 45min treatment @the salt room and she was very excited to report that her sinuses cleared! She said she is feeling SO much better!
Kristi Kirkpatrick - May - The Salt Room

Acupuncture for Sam went extremely well but the highlight of our afternoon was, hands down, The Salt Room!! Something so simple but I cannot believe how incredibly healing this was for the boys!! A 45 minute session helped Sam, Cale, my Mom and I breathe much easier. Cale was so congested before we entered, Sam’s eyes were red and bloodshot, he couldn’t stop sneezing. ALL of that was gone following our one family treatment. Very cool! We will be back!!! I haven’t seen Sam this well in weeks. His energy is through the roof and my Mom and I could not stop laughing at his abundance of energy and sense of humor on the way home.
Melanie Marie - April 20 - The Salt Room

WOW….I just went to The Salt Room – Halotherapy I highly recommend trying it out if you have asthma, allergies, or sinus problems like myself. As many of you know in December 2014 I started my first round of antibiotics for sinus problems and 4 rounds later I’m still miserable. Some days are better than others but I can’t live feeling horrible always. I heard about this new place called the salt room. I thought to myself….what do I have to lose trying it. I went this morning and feel great. Given how bad my sinuses are I know it’s not going to completely get better with one session but I am a believer and will be going back! — feeling hopeful.
Tara Albedyll - April 18 - The Salt Room

So my 11 year old son has spent the last four days with a migraine. Vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, missing school, etc. Gave the salt room a try tonight….my son is reporting GREAT results. Migraine has significantly improved. He actually ate dinner AND has kept it down! My other son and I joined him in the session as well. We are feeling great! Highly recommend! Best part….each session can accommodate up to six people per session…so grab your whole family or plan the next “Girl’s night out” chat time at the Salt Room.
Kimberly Konkol Blount - April 14 - The Salt Room

Went for a short run this afternoon, my exercised induced asthma seemed much better. My lungs felt weird after my session, I could breathe!
Cindy Trachta - April 12 - The Salt Room

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